The sudo conspiracy is superusers coming together, utilising their superpowers towards creating IT infrastructure automation, microservices above and beyond 2021


Our consultants are experts respectively within Openshift, Kubernetes, both CNCF and Rancher. Ansible Towers by Red Hat as well as upstream-Ansible and Terraform. Our consultants are very good with dynamic scripting and most of them have developer backgrounds. We have certified machine data and log management consultants where ELK och Splunk are our prefered platforms

IT Specialists

Every one of our coworkers was “born attached to a keyboard”. Unlike many other companies, all of our employees have all had a passion for technology and specifically computers, since childhood. Depending on the era born, we grew up with computers such as the Commodore 64, Atari or Amiga and still do projects using them! ​

The conspiracy

We are people and professionals aiming to build scalable and cost-efficient IT infrastructure for the modern world.

Specialized teams

Go from Zero to production with Kubernetes based platforms on CNCF, Rancher or Openshift. Our special solution in a box will save you time and money and get you market ready in record time.

Managed Service

Be as successful as our current customers by joining our managed Kubernetes private cloud solution today. The solution is hosted in Sweden together with our partner Shibuya and offers a full stack designed for your work load


Short- or long term assignments. Our crew is top notch in their field within Splunk, Argo, Kubernetes, Openshift, Ansible, Terraform, Elastic stack, Grafana, Prometheus and much more.

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